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Jon Bonso

Jon Bonso

I am a best-selling author and the co-founder of Tutorials Dojo (tutorialsdojo.com), an EdTech startup that provides high-quality, technology-related learning materials that empower IT professionals around the world to upgrade their skills and career. I have been recognized as an AWS Community Builder and a participant of the AWS Developer Acceleration (DevAx) mentor program. I currently hold 10 AWS Certifications and is active in various AWS communities, forums, and groups.

I'm just a regular guy who is passionate about education and loves to help out my fellow IT professionals reach their full potential. As an AWS Community Builder, I’m active in helping out my fellow IT Professionals around the world in their AWS journey. I am a firm believer that 'relevant' IT education is the greatest equalizer in our technology-driven world today.

I am also interested to know your feedback on our online courses/ reviewers so our team can further improve our products. Tutorials Dojo is a small, yet a dedicated, startup that helps you in your IT certification needs.

Feel free to directly message me or contact us at support@tutorialsdojo.com if you have any inquiries.

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